Nine IH schools, nine diverse locations in the UK and Ireland, one identical course!

You or your clients are now able to experience the outstanding quality of the IH learning experience at any one of our schools in the UK and Ireland. Giving you the guarantee and reassurance that you will receive the highest quality in both teaching and service, wherever you choose to study. We are offering you or your clients the opportunity to take a General English course with us at one or more of your locations.

The courses include:

Self Catered / Half-Board

IH Aberdeen - IH Belfast - IH Bristol - IH Dublin - IH Galway - IH London - IH Manchester - IH Newcastle

  • 20 lessons per week in our intensive group classes
  • Accommodation in student residence (self-catering) or homestay (half-board)
  • All course material
  • The registration fee
£420 per week

Homestay / Full-Board

English in the Teacher's home across the UK and Ireland

  • 20 lessons per week, 1:1 immersion
  • Private accommodation in the teacher's home (full-board)
  • All course material
  • The registration fee
£735 per week (only from IH Intuition)

We can tailor a package for you based on your chosen schedule and choice of locations, with a one-to-one service making the booking process straightforward.

Please contact Elizabeth for any further information

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