English Courses


General English (GE)

  • Build your confidence and prepare for real-life situations
  • You can take classes at all levels from complete beginner (A1) to super-advanced (C2)
  • Learn in dynamic classes with creative and fun lessons
  • Check your progress in regular tutorials with individual support and weekly written assessments
  • 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of classes per week

Academic English for IELTS & Trinity (AE)

  • Perfect for students preparing for university in the UK and other English speaking countries
  • Develop study techniques and learner independence
  • IELTS and Trinity exam practice and strategies
  • Assistance with IELTS applications
  • 10 hours of AE classroom teaching and 5 hours of AE PSP per week (AE15)
  • Past exam practice and speaking tests in PSP
  • Classes can be combined with General English (AE15 plus GE10)
  • Minimum level B1 (Intermediate) 

Personal Study Programme (PSP)

PSP can be combined with General English andis also a key part of the Academic and BusinessEnglish courses. It is a great way for students toimprove on areas they find difficult as well as spendmore time on the skills and vocabulary of theirchoice.

Cambridge Examination Classes (CE)

  • Cambridge English: First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE)
  • 10 hours per week of examination classes and 5 hours of examination PSP (CE15)
  • Classes can be combined with General English (CE15 plus GE10)
  • Flexible start dates between the 8 - 12 week study terms
  • Book 8+ weeks and the examination is free!
  • COURSES (starting any Monday all year round)
  • Free Exam for 8 weeks+ bookings

Business English (BE)

English is the main language of international commerce. Business English classes are combined with Business PSP, using Harvard Business School® materials to give task-specific language training, vital to handling any type of business context successfully. (Minimum age 16 years.)

English for Aviation

The International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO) requires that aviation industry personnelattain a standard of English at ICAO level 4 or above.

These ELPAC Aviation English accreditedclasses will consolidate general English skillswith a particular focus on improving listeningand speaking ability in aviation industry contexts.N.B. Also take the ELPAC ICAO accreditedTest!