The City


Red phone booths, double decker buses, iconic street signs informing you of all the historic Londoners that contributed to the city’s heritage and the heartbeat of the UK metropolis echoing in your ears. London is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world and at IH London will reveal the reasons why. 

In Samuel Johnson’s words, when you are tired of London, you are tired of life. You will never find yourself short of things to do in this cultural capital. Upbeat restaurants, trendy rooftop bars, cryptic speakeasies for those in the know and concerts across the city, every single day of the year make it impossible for you not to feel included in the big city life!

If you are not into the trendy scene, however, London has something for everyone: numerous cinemas, free entry to all major museums, experimental theatres and big West End productions, gorgeous parks where you can rent a bike and cycle through, have a picnic with friends, feed the ducks in the lakes or photograph squirrels running from tree to tree! After all, London is the best cities in the world, voted by BBC* Multicultural London lets you integrate so quickly, we found our students sing London’s praises after only a few days. 

Leaving the city’s hustle and bustle behind, seaside Brighton and historic Oxford are only an hour away by train. London’s location and excellent transport connections make it possible to visit all of south England within a few weeks, not to mention Europe at your doorstep with cities like Paris and Amsterdam only a few hours away by train.  We are always excited to offer our students best value for such trips, our students are always happy to get this chance while studying, and it is the perfect way to make new friends!