The school


International House (IH), Galway is a small language and teacher training centre  situated  in  Galway,  on the  west  coast  of  Ireland.    We design and deliver language courses for teens and adults, and teacher training courses  for new  and  experienced teachers.  IH Galway offers quality programmes designed to meet the needs of both students and teachers.  At IH Galway, we place great emphasis on making our students feel comfortable in their  new  learning  and living  environment  and  culture.  Our aim is to help our students to become effective learners of English  and  to  take  home  with them  not  only  an  increased  awareness  of  how  English works  in  practice,  but  also  an awareness  of  other cultures  and  ideas  and,  furthermore,  how  to  continue  to learn  independently following  their  course  at  IH.