English Courses


Standard course - 20 hours of tuition

Our Standard General English Course covers all aspects of the language including; grammar usage, reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Specific focus is placed on oral communicationand all methodology is topical and interesting.  This course includes 20 hours’ tuition per week.

Intensive course - 25 hours a week

Our Intensive General English Course is perfect for students who wish to make optimum use of their time studying English in Dublin.  This course covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop the student’s communicative ability in the shortest time possible.  

Combined course (20-hour morning standard course  + 5/10 hours of one to one tuition in the afternoon)

Our Combined Courses allow students to focus on their chosen specific areas of language development and to work one-to-one with their own teacher, in order to achieve their individual language goals.  

Exam preparation course

We are one of the leading providers in Exam Preparation Courses for the following Cambridge Exams:

  • FCE / First Certificate Exam
  • CAE / Cambridge Advanced Exam
  • CPE / Cambridge Proficiency Exam

We also offer excellent Exam Preparation Courses for:

  • IELTS 
  • TOEIC 

We are an official Cambridge and TOEIC Exam Centre.  As a result, the FCE, CAE, CPE and TOEIC exams can be taken at our school, at the end of the preparation courses.

Business English course (20-hour morning Standard course + 5 hours of Business English in the afternoon)

In today’s fast paced world, confidence in communicating through English is vital for both employability and successful business.  Our Business Course is designed to deliver fast and effective training.  

 The business section of the course includes the following modules:

  • Participating in meetings & discussions
  • Negotiating
  • Using the telephone effectively
  • Giving clear and concise presentations
  • Entertaining clients
  • Learning strategies for the future

One to one and Executive courses

Our One-to-One and Executive Courses are tailor-made to meet the exact requirements of each student.  These courses are ideal for any student who wishes to concentrate on specific language skills.  A completed Needs’ Analysis Form and Level Test is required prior to start date.

English and Internship

Our English and Internship Programme combines an English language course, followed by an unpaid placement in a company in Dublin.  The internship allows students to gain practical work experience and to improve their English language fluency in a professional, English-speaking work environment.  

Students can choose from our any of our courses for a minimum of 4 weeks, beforestarting their internship.  The types of roles available are in the hospitality and professional sectors.  An up-to-date CV / Resume and Cover Letter in English, are both required at time of booking.

Young at Heart programme

Our Young at Heart Programme offers mature students the opportunity to study with likeminded students of the same age range, from all over the world. In addition to classes, the students can choose to take part in a tailor made, enriching Social and Cultural activities 

Junior programmes

Our Junior and Young Adult Programmes are engaging, challenging and enjoyable, with a focus on oral communication skills.  The content includes authentic materials, excursion lessons, project work, CLIL content, relevant language input, learner portfolios and self assessment.  The programmes are packed with English language tuition in the mornings and an exciting variety of activities and excursions in the afternoons.  The afternoon programme is designed to ensure all students take part, have fun, but most of all, improve their English and make friends for life!  

Our renowned Digital Media Programme is an integral element of our Junior Programmes!  Students can opt to take part in this afternoon activity and in doing so, will gain real skills in media production, motion animation and photography.  Students will contribute to the school web-based e-Portfolio and parents can access webpages to keep up to date and involved with their child's stay in Ireland.  This unique programme is in direct response to students’ interests and also impacts future employment opportunities.  We guarantee it is #serioussummerfun!

We offer Homestay and Residential Junior Summer Programmes in both Wesley College Dublin and UCC Cork.

Young Adult programme

Our Young Adult Programme is perfect for students who do not wish to take part in a junior course and would like to experience a city centre campus, with students of a similar age.  This programme takes place at our city centre campus from mid-June to August and is specifically aimed at students aged 16 - 18 years old.  Our programme offers 20 or 25 hours of mixed nationality, group lessons per week, with students of a similar age.  This programme includes homestay accommodation and a full schedule of optional activities & excursions, all ideally suited to students of this age group.  Also included is a LEAP Travel Card, allowing students unlimited access to all of Dublin’s public transport services.

Family programme

At International House Dublin, we have created an English language programme for the whole family!  This programme, designed for parents, children and teenagers, takes place at Wesley College.  Our Family Programme is perfect for families who wish to combine an English language course, with a wonderful summer holiday to Ireland!  Families can choose tuition only, or tuition and afternoon activities for the children, leaving free time for the parents in the afternoons. There is also the option for a full-day excursion on Saturdays for the whole family.

Group programmes

We offer year-round, tailor-made programmes for students travelling in groups. Courses, activities, accommodation, and travel are all arranged, as per the individual requirements of each group.

High School programme

We have over 20 years’ experience in offering our High School Programme and take pride in placing students in top public and private schools around Ireland.  

We organise and supervise students’ High School Programme from start to finish, taking care to place students in the best school for them.  As a founding member of the AGPI, The Association of Guardianship Providers in Ireland, we provide the highest standards of guardianship for all our High School Programme students.  We support and ensure the safety and security of our High School Programme students.  Parents are kept informed of their child’s academic progress and general welfare at all times.  They can be confident that their child will receive the best possible care and attention.  Reports are sent regularly throughout the year.  As well as receiving regular visits, the student can contact his or her guardian at any time and for any reason.  All students and their parents have a 24-hour contact number for their guardian.  

An academic semester, or year in Ireland, provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge and gaining confidence in the English language.  The High School Programme is open to all students aged 12 - 18 years and is available in a wide variety of both private and state schools, throughout the country.  The Irish educational system offers an excellent range of academic subjects in science, technology and the arts.